Common Issues While Sending Cargo to Pakistan

Common Issues While Sending Cargo to Pakistan
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My name is Gohir Khan and i am the CEO of Worldwide Cargo Services. Pakistan has a huge diaspora in United Kingdom which means there will always be a need for reliable cargo/freight services. Worldwide Cargo services was founded for the exact same purpose. Even though we provide freight services all around the globe today but Pakistan still has a very close place to our heart.  If you are planning to send cargo to Pakistan, here are a few things I have learned  in my 10 years of experience.

Pakistan is known for it’s corrupt government sectors and customs department is no different. They don’t hesitate for a second before asking you for a bribe, they will hold on to your parcels on purpose even if there is nothing wrong just to get that “tip”. The best way to tackle this problem is to have some contact in customs office. In Pakistan you need contacts if you want to survive.

Send Cargo to Pakistan

Send Cargo to Pakistan

Another issue i have come across is sending cargo to remote areas of Pakistan. As Pakistan is still very much underdeveloped, areas and addresses in remote areas of Pakistan are hard to reach.  This was an issue i faced in the first couple of years as most packages from UK are designated to Mirpur (Azaad kashmir).

Now with many door to door services available in Pakistan this issue can be overcome but again you need to know which service to chose for a particular area. High prices is another problem people face when they want to send cargo to Pakistan. As most parcels are small packages they have to pay huge price to deliver it. This issue was overcome by running  Pakistan specific cargo flights.

I am proud of the expertise Worldwide Cargo Services has achieved in just a matter of few years and today we are the most preferred freight service for people looking to send cargo to Pakistan.

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